Booty Powder + Franjazzco guestmix for Lejal’Nyte

We enjoyed Booty Powder and Franjazzco’s bass music guestmix with loads of great juke, footwork and jungle-influenced beats from many great artists.

Mixcloud: Booty Powder + Franjazzco – Lejal’Nyte guestmix
MP3: Booty Powder + Franjazzco – Lejal’Nyte guestmix

Booty Powder is an event series focusing on footwork, juke and ghettotek. A trip into a fantastic void where intellect meets dancing, breakbeat loops are chopped like steak slices and splashed with codeine crust. It’s like a flashback to soul music, where science can no longer explain why your shoes should not be lit with LEDs and why your girlfriend does not have a USB port, reminding you of the days when you first heard “that jungle track”. It’s time for a perculator, french kisses and gipsy women to morph into next level shit.

Booty Powder @ Facebook
Booty Powder @ Mixcloud

Franjazzco is a DJ and producer from Vienna, Austria. With twenty years of experience behind the decks, lately, he’s been developing his own take on Chicago’s sound of juke and footwork. At 160 BPM straight-forward, his tracks combine his love for soul and jazz and a trained ear for samples with a certain punk attitude and a peculiar sense of humour, sampling their ways from Cypress Hill via Roy Ayers to German comedian Helge Schneider, Austrian Dance-pop-group Trackshittaz or the soundtrack of Donkey Kong’s underwater level. So far, Franjazzco’s tracks have been released on imprints like disko404, Ten Toes Turbo, Balkan Kolektiv, JukeUnderground, Rarennudes, Foot Juice and Budapest Juke. Besides, he’s been running his own label Footwork Frenzy since 2013.

Franjazzco @ Facebook
Franjazzco @ Soundcloud
Franjazzco @ Spotify

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