LejalNyte radioshow 06.01.2023 with VMH x Miisutron Live

Deep and dubby bass music from artists like Alby Daniels, Kae Tempest, James Wolfgang Rassakas, Out-Or, Kalvik, Leiner, Heiki, Skee Mask, The Bug and many other great artists. 2nd hour with live performance by VMH & Miisutron, recorded live in Hall techno club in December 2022. Visit and follow Miisutron for the full gear list and more details.

Mixcloud: LEJAL’NYTE 06.01.2023
Soundcloud: LEJAL’NYTE 06.01.2023
MP3: LEJAL’NYTE 06.01.2023

  1. Alby Daniels – Loss of Ego
  2. Kae Tempest – I Saw Light
  3. James Wolfgang Rassakas – Whadup son (Instrumental)
  4. House Of Black Lanterns – The Smack (Mosca’s Dread At The Controls Version)
  5. Sam Salter – After 12, Before 6 (Emperor Searcy Instrumental)
  6. Layner aka Leiner – Sibul
  7. Out-Or – Eeprom
  8. Shuffless – Gotta Go (Tm Shuffle 5lampi Dub)
  9. Kalvik – Tehas Walk
  10. Heiki – Boxdin
  11. Helix – Helix House Beat 2
  12. Layner aka Leiner – Paranoia
  13. Skee Mask – Inti
  14. The Bug Vs Earth – Agoraphobia

Blog: http://www.lejalnyte.com
MP3: http://www.sub.fm/lejalnyte
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/lejalgenes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lejalnyte


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