New tracks on SoundCloud

Good friends and co-musicians Def Räädu, Demie & Hash, Gee aka GY3, inZtance & Lord, LAB, Leiner, Peep Deep and others have uploaded some new tracks to their SoundCloud pages. Have a listen!

Allinn – Sõjamaaling (Gee Remix)

Def Räädu + J.O.C. & Stupid F – Kõik Räägivad (Bass Mix)

Eesti Dubstep 3 compilation

Gee – Ierapetra Road

inZtance & Lord – Päriselt

Külalised – Seks On Teema (Def Räädu Koerapoos) [Free Download]

LAB – Away

Lauri Pihlap – Lootus (Gee Remix) [Free Download]

Leiner – All The Way

Peep Deep – Idu

PhoneCall & Gee – Break it

And and and there are some previously released excellent tracks that have been uploaded to SoundCloud lately as well. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow all these fantastic artists!

Antonina – Pakike (Demie & Hash Remix) [Free Download]

Stupid F & Hash (aka Element) & Kadri Voorand – Aeg Maha (Gy3 Remix) [Free Download]

Also feel free to look at our previous Soundcloud news releases!


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  2. Pingback: New tracks on SoundCloud | LEJAL'NYTE

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