New tracks on SoundCloud

Good friends and co-musicians Grässhopas, Uus Energia, J.O.C., Vesikas & Fofkin, Melkker, Stupid F & Hash, MC Lord, Superskankers, Gee, LAB and others have uploaded some new tracks to their SoundCloud pages. Have a listen!

Grässhopas – Sein On Ees

Uus Energia & J.O.C. – Naturaalne Müstika

Vesikas & Fofkin – Spordiminutid

Melkker – Nädal (mini-album)

Stupid F & Hash – Ma Kuulen Ja Näen

Stupid F & DJ Wavez – Hr. Black Jack

Grässhopas – Võta Veidi Vabamalt

Uus Energia & J.O.C. – Mina Kes Ma Sündisin Tähtedest

MC Lord – Riimiköök (prod Photoindustries)

Superskankers – Crackhouse (Gee Remix)

HU? – Hull Lugu (LAB Remix)

Maxtract + Lord + Stupid F = Ain

Also feel free to look at our previous Soundcloud news releases!


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